sitting on the floor of Inhotim museum in Brazil looking at a bookshelf

Next stop: Planet Sarah

Dear All Set Concierge family,

I hope that this post finds you safe and healthy amidst this global pandemic. While it has upended our lives and has taken much away, I find that one of the gifts that quarantine has given me has been the time to dedicate to one of my favorite hobbies: writing. You’ve followed my writing journey to destinations all around the world here on All Set Concierge, and now I have a new destination: Planet Sarah.

I’m proud to announce that I am launching my Patreon page, known as Planet Sarah, where I am sharing my poetry, screenplays, book chapters, and other writing material that I’ve been producing in short spurts over the years. If you haven’t heard of Patreon, I’ll describe it here briefly but a peek at my page will help demystify it! Patreon is a website where artists and creators share their work with patrons who pay a monthly subscription to access the art, behind the scenes work, and other pieces that the creator wants to share with their patrons.

Launching my Patreon page allows me to achieve my artistic and financial goals simultaneously, while connecting with those who support me in this dream. I’ve decided to take the jump and commit to becoming a career writer, so please consider supporting me in this next phase of my life’s work. My Patreon page explains all of the benefits of different monthly contribution levels, so please take a look and share with those in your circle who would like to connect through the written word:

Thank you in advance for taking the time to engage with me, and supporting my writing and my art. Stay well!sitting in the library lobby of Hotel Unique in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Frida’s Fiestas

Frida and I share the same zodiac. The world-famous artist, and spirited water sign, has long captured my attention. Although I just learned that Frida Kahlo was also a Cancer, I’ve been enamored with her life, style, and art for many years. In high school, I scoured flea markets in my LA suburb for tchotchkes bearing her unmistakable image. During my university years, I pored over books about this incredible woman, eventually saving some money to buy a cookbook honoring her culinary skills. Now, I am lucky enough to attend museums and cultural events highlighting Frida’s art and unique style.Read More »